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Progress Report O n e

Recruit;Oliver Atkins
Focus; Basic Introduction, planning ahead for future training sessions to figure out focus points on strengths/weaknesses.

Oliver, upon first meeting seems capable enough. He has the desire to succeed however I fear that he is holding himself back, using his lack of a handler as an excuse for why he is not doing as well as many of the other recruits. Having seen many recruits go far without a handler I find this personally to be meaningless and has only brought on to show the slight arrogance that will likely cause this recruit to fail in the future. With that said, Oliver is capable enough, I wouldn’t say that he is incapable at all and seems willing to do the work now that he feels that someone is watching his every move.

Upon further conversation, I learned that Oliver seems to have a level of confidence, which can be helpful during many precarious situations — but could also prove reckless. I want to keep an eye on this to see if it will prove as an asset in the future or a hindrance to his abilities as I have personally seen the similar attitude be harmful on more than one occasion and I don’t want that to be the case here.

I have decided to place Oliver in a group session, which may be something as simple as a paired sparring match just to see how he works against others (though not to gauge his sparring abilities) and then following that a group setting paired off with teams of two each against each other. This will however take a little bit more time to plan which is why it will be secondary unless things change. Overall, I believe that Oliver is entirely capable, and workable as a recruit. He has the drive to do what is needed to be done and the willingness to succeed so far with whatever Division should happen to throw his way.

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